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Our intention from the beginning was to get a wine exactly as the one the old Legionnaires drank it, but using today's technologies and especially avoiding an excessive number of filtrations.

The number that we have achieved after several trials is to be able to produce the wine through a single filtering, a result that will be ensured starting from the vintage 2013.

For the first production of Gutturnium, taken from the 2012 harvest, we have 2 filtrations, which however are a number much lower than the standard and that are already in themselves a sign of purity and richness of aromas.

In short, this is the production process of Gutturnium:

The Gutturnium grapes derive exclusively from a careful selection, from grapes grown in the hills of Ziano Piacentino, located at 250 meters above sea level, formed by fresh and compact calcareous clay.

To ensure the traditional authenticity and typicality, we carefully select and hand pick the grapes of Barbera and Bonarda from 15 September to 10 October, in the moment of their optimal ripeness.

The grapes are de-stemmed and made strictly with the pomace fermentation in stainless steel heat-treated to control the primary fermentation where it remains for about a week, a period where you make replacements of the must with the aim to properly extract the aromas contained in the grapes of Barbera and Bonarda.

On the seventh day the racking is performed and the content is stored for the second phase of fermentation. The wine never suffers sudden changes of temperature, which is constantly kept at 18 ° - 20 °.

In January, a second transfer is carried out by allowing the wine to take its characteristic ruby ​​red color.

In March there is the third transfer to allow the maturation of the wine and in the month of June there is the last transfer in stainless steel tanks and the simultaneous refrigeration for one week at – 4° degrees.

With the last passage there is the only filtration of Gutturnium before bottling it.

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